Product Software Development

Software product development helps create marketable commercial software for business users or individual consumers. 4lines Infotech provides outsourced product development services to design, architect and implement user-friendly and engaging software products.

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Product Development Outsourcing

Fast Time To Market

With Agile development, CI/CD pipeline, DevOps approach, and a balanced mix of manual and automated testing, we can introduce needed product changes while maintaining a steady release pace (every 2-3 weeks).
Reduced development costs

We deliver cost-effective products thanks to the use of scalable cloud-native architectures, ready-made components (frameworks, platforms, and services), and public APIs.
Transparent self-management

We offer self-managed software development teams that let you have as little involvement in the project administration as you see convenient and guarantee quality product delivery
Committed teams

We assign our specialists to the projects with their professional interests in mind so that you get a team inspired by your product.
Brittany Foxx
Secure cooperation

We start cooperation with signing NDA (already at the initial negotiation stage if needed) to guarantee the confidentiality of your information. As the project unfolds, your product stays protected due to our secure IT infrastructure
Flexible outsourcing options

We can either take over the whole development process or back up your in-house development team with a dedicated team or the staff augmentation model of outsourcing.
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New Product Development

  • Analyzing the context of the product use: needs and expectations of target users, estimated target market, device preference 
  • Feature modeling including backbone and killer features to make the product marketable
  • Researching applicable compliance requirements (HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS)
  • Planning product releases and prioritizing features
  • Architecting a product using an optimal approach (multi-tenancy, microservices, etc.)
  • Designing UX and UI
  • Elaborating subscription plans (if needed)
  • Delivering product releases according to the plan

Continuous Product Evolution

  • Implementing behavior analytics to spot frictions in user journeys.
  • Planning UX and UI improvements based on behavior analytics insights and user feedback.
  • Delivering new functional modules and features envisaged in the product roadmap
  • Managing technical backlog.
  • Developing APIs to expand your product’s integration capabilities.
  • Migrating the product to the cloud or changing a cloud provider.
  • L1, L2 and L3 user and product support

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