AWS Managed Service

AWS managed services help control the AWS infrastructure and reduce its costs. A reliable AWS Select-Tier Partner, 4lines Infotech can take over your AWS-based infrastructure to keep the AWS services and apps stable, expenses optimized, and changes implemented promptly.

Who Our AWS Managed Services Are Designed For ?

We keep the diversity of your IT components in mind and pay special attention to integrating your AWS services with on-premises ones. As a result, you achieve high customer satisfaction while keeping your bills on the point
Non-IT enterprises
SaaS application providers using AWS. We know that the scalability of the IT infrastructure is critical. We keep this in mind and configure the services in a way that fosters your applications’ continuous evolution.
Software product companies


AWS Compute Services
AWS Application Integration
AWS Storage
AWS Database
AWS Migration and Transfer
AWS Analytics
AWS Machine Learning
AWS Internet of Things (IoT)
AWS Networking and Content Delivery
AWS Mobile Services
AWS Services We Cover
​​Fixed monthly fee based on the IT infrastructure specifics. Good for the predictable service scope, which is discovered during the transition phase. We include the costs of one-time activities in the monthly support budget and gradually introduce all process changes to avoid large one-time expenses. ​
Where a monthly fee is a percentage of a cloud provider’s monthly bill. The percentage depends on the volume of cloud resources consumed.
How Much Will It Cost?