Cloud Application Development

Cloud app development implies building apps that run in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors. In cloud computing, 4lines Infotech quickly and reliably delivers cloud-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities

The Scope of Our Cloud Application Services

Structuring and elaborating on your high-level software idea
Suggesting innovative feature ideas based on the analysis of your needs/software idea.
Back-end development.
Front-end development.
Integrations with other software.
Designing a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.
Cloud App Dev
Drawing up high-level functional and technical requirements to software
Defining a “killer feature” for an MVP to get an advantage on the market
Cloud App Planning
Estimating the expected TCO of your cloud application and exploring ways to optimize it.
Estimating the expected ROI of your cloud application
Business Case
Cloud application administration.
Cloud application monitoring.
L1 - L3 cloud application support
User behavior/transactional data analysis.
Cloud App Support And Evolution
Test planning.
Regular code reviews.
Unit testing.
Conducting functional, integration, regression, exploratory, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing.
Business Case

How Much Will Your Cloud App Project Cost?

4lines Infotech is ready to provide accurate calculations for your cloud app development initiative so that you could plan your budget with confidence. For correct estimation, we take into account:

1) The number and complexity of app features.
2) The development method for app features (built with ready cloud services or coded from scratch).
3) The number of user roles.
4) The complexity of the application logic and workflows.
5) The number and complexity of integrations with other software systems.
6) UI design uniqueness and complexity (including the number and complexity of screens).
7) Government and industry regulations to comply with.
8) The cloud to host the app and cloud services employed, and more