Internet Of Things (IoT)

At 4lines Infotech, we drive value-centered IoT solutions and build multi-level data pipelines for that: from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

Internet Of Things

Measuring the required environmental metrics (temperature, humidity, pollution, CO2 level, etc.). Helps check the compliance of asset storage and transportation, monitor operation conditions for industrial equipment
Environmental monitoring
Internet of Things (IoT) services help elaborate your idea of IoT adoption and set up secure technology infrastructure for advanced data tasks. Seeing a great and wide-ranging value of IoT,
Driving IoT Innovation across Industries
Remote monitoring of equipment performance metrics and early detection of potential malfunctioning. Prevents equipment breakage and production interruptions.
Preventive equipment maintenance
Automating manual actions based on commands sent from control apps to actuators. Applicable to simple actions like switching on/off, opening/closing, and complicated industrial processes,
Remote operation of machinery / appliances
Analyzing vital signs measured by wearable devices and informing a supervising doctor on deviations from normal levels. An advanced level of telehealth.
Remote health monitoring
Automated control over the intensity of energy utilization depending on the outside conditions. Applicable to personal (home lights) and public (street lights) surroundings.
Optimization of energy consumption
Investigating your business context and tasks/problems you want to address with IoT implementation.
Defining what data must be collected to meet project goals. Hardware consulting.
Planning a data center with proper data processing and mining capabilities.
Setting up a data pipeline.
Functionally scoping each solution component: smart things, data warehousing and analytics solutions, control and user-facing apps.
Consulting for the best value from IoT adoption
Technical support and troubleshooting: quick identification of data quality, application availability and usage issues.
Cloud management: monitoring and optimization of cloud resources consumption.
Security management and regulatory compliance: network, server, database, and application vulnerability assessment; infrastructure compliance review; DDoS and APT prevention.
IoT solution evolution: application updates and expansions to support your changing business needs.
IoT application management for sustainable operation